Why can’t you secure a Job? – Recruiters Point of View

Recruiters often spend their time in interview sessions so they get a chance to meet different types of candidates. After years of experience, they use to get a perfect idea about which candidate can pursue a bright career in their company and how beneficial he/she can be for the overall growth. So, if you are also searching for a job then it is good to get some idea of what recruiters think about different types of candidates and what kind of personality or attitude they demand. If you are not able to prove yourself in the face to face round then there are chances that you as well as your resume will simply get disappeared into a black hole after the interview session.

If you have received a call for an interview that means someone has gone through your resume and it might have indicated certain kinds of useful qualities about you. Fantastic! Now it is time to close the job deal by leaving a memorable impression in the interview round.

There is no doubt to say that even for a single bpo job vacancy, the recruiters might have received hundreds of applications and even in the interview session, they will talk to numbers of shortlisted candidates. But, who is the lucky one to get a joining call? Or who will get a rejection mail after an interview? It depends upon how you performed in the face to face interaction. Rejections are always frustrating so let us have an idea for the recruiter’s feedback about why can’t you secure a job?

The most common reason for rejection used to be the bad arrival timings. No one likes a candidate who comes late to the interview session and even if you are late due to some serious issue then also you must learn the way to apologize.

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