What to Do After a Job Interview?

You made it through the interview, asked all the right questions and you’re feeling confident you could be selected for the position. Now that it’s over, the decision is theirs, to make the next move, right? Not really! Having a thoughtful and proactive post-interview follow up plan is just as important as your approach to the job search.

Should you follow up? How often? How do you show continued interest after an interview and remain updated of where you are in the process while still being respectful of the hiring manager’s schedule?

Follow these tips for a post-interview strategy that will help you at the stay top of the game of your recruitment voyage!

Set expectations early

Start the process of following up even before you end your interview. As your time with the interviewer wraps up, ask what next steps and timing are for the decision to be made. Your goal should be to understand what the interview process looks like for this role if you were to move forward in the process, and when they hope to make a final decision. Some companies may require multiple rounds of in-person interviews, presentations, testing, or other evaluations that take weeks or even months.
Once you have your last question answered, take a moment to thank the interviewer for their time. If you are interviewing with a Manager, share how wonderful of an experience you’ve had with their staff. And use that last moment to reiterate your excitement for the opportunity and interest in working with them. Before you leave the interview, express to the interviewer that you’ll be in contact and will follow up. You can also ask what their preferred method of contact is for hearing from you.

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