Use the odoo inventory app to increase the effectiveness of your warehouse

Improve performance
& process time–

The cutting-edge digital inventory management system will help you arrange your warehouse.
Improve all internal operations by acquiring the most efficient digital inventory tracking method. The digital inventory management system offered by Odoo does not include any stock inputs, outputs, or transformations. Instead, an automated storage solution that involves transporting goods between facilities will handle all operations.

Less stock, no stockouts–

use this automated storage solution.
By changing your workflow to automated supply chain management with the use of automated RFQs and order points, you may increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

Experience total traceability–

By building a digital supply chain ecosystem foundation with Odoo's unique digital inventory management system, you can keep track of every stock movement.
You can keep track of every stock transaction, from purchase to storage bin to sales order, by utilising digital inventory tracking. You can follow lots or serial numbers upstream or downstream wherever along your supply chain ecosystem structure.

Clear and complete reporting

The digital inventory management system from odoo gives you updates in real-time.
You can make better decisions with real-time dynamic reports that you can store and share with anyone. Make use of customised dashboards to keep pertinent data nearby. Thus, the digital inventory system from Odoo provides your company with a full automated storage solution.

Do you want to implement?

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