The unintelligent idea of ​​the many intelligences

The fanatical coaches of emotional intelligence claim to isolate certain behaviors, moving them from their natural environment, to introduce them in a technical and methodological context such as leadership, with which they have nothing to do. Empathy falls into the domain of morality.

It is in free moral activity and in its practical manifestation that man realizes his social nature. At the center are values, not a particular type of intelligence. We are interested in a rational leader, a person capable of carrying out the projects for which he has gathered a team around him. What we want to develop are the skills to manage the complexities of leadership, not to direct the moral choices of a leader. The moral values ​​that inspire a leader come before his leadership and are the fruit of his very personal life path.

It is not difficult to imagine that a bad person will be a bad leader, but there are no ethical paradigms to guide the behavior of a leader. And, in any case, it is not a coach who can stimulate the inner search for the moral dimension of a leader. In theory, a charismatic leader does not need a set of moral values ​​to express his natural leadership. Leadership can also express itself only through the natural ability to involve others, through the subtle techniques of persuasion. Indeed, empathy is one of the most suitable tools for perpetrating this type of subtle conditioning.

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