The future of marketing – Chatbot marketing

The attempts to master the art of marketing might be as old as civilization and society itself.

Marketing is simply the act of trying to sell goods and services.

The evolution of technology has made this concept more complex- combining strategy with the resources we have available to us.

What is Chatbot marketing?
It’s a type of marketing that uses chatbots to promote products and services. They are also used as a way to engage with potential clients to get a sale.

The concept of chatbot marketing has actually been in the works from around 1950. When Alan Turing wrote his paper on Artificial Intelligence,Computing Machinery and Intelligence, he gave us the opportunity to explore the various use cases of chatbots. But it still felt like we were exploring un-chartered waters.

Until the birth of Joseph Weizenbaum’s E.L.I.Z.A. in 1966- that was when the interest in chatbot marketing started to peak. E.L.I.Z.A. showed us how seamless communicating with machines can be.

We are now opening up to exploring the effectiveness of chatbots of sales and marketing.

Chatbot marketing is unexplored terrain, but it’s one of those fields of marketing that’s low-risk, high result. And with the world moving towards digital, you need to have the tools to support that.

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