Sports Betting Ratio. How to calculate the coefficient?

The coefficient is only a reflection of the probability. The bet is made only on odds. I propose to figure out how it is calculated.
How is the probability calculated?
We are all constantly faced with questions that cannot be answered accurately. The most common answer to these questions is an estimate of probability. It is calculated on a scale from 0 to 1. There are several formulas:
1) positive outcomes / all variants of the event,
2) unit / probability of outcome.
The formula under the number 2 gives us the ability to convert the probability to a coefficient.
How do you calculate your bet winnings?
The skill of calculating odds and odds gives you the opportunity to know the approximate amount that he can win. For this, there is the following pattern: transaction amount x coefficient.
Well, now you know how the coefficient and probability are calculated and you can safely start a new business for yourself.

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