Plane Tempered Glass Market by Type (11 mm,12 mm,15 mm,19 mm, Other), Application (Doors And Windows

Plane tempered glass is a versatile product that offers excellent scratch resistance and durability. It is a much more economical alternative to heavy duty windshields and side windows, giving you peace of mind in harsh weather conditions. A glass is a thin sheet of transparent or translucent material, held between two smooth surfaces such as glass. The thickness of the sheet can range from 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm. A sheet of glass table top is generally considered to be a flexible object: it is usually elongated with a thickness and width that do not depend on the exact shape of the object but rather vary with the size of the object or its surface area or volume; it is not rigid enough to cause an interruption in transmission of light, sound waves or other forms of electromagnetic radiation through itself or only very slightly; it does not have many different internal boundaries between solid objects (except for certain specialty glasses like optical fibers).A piece of clear glass is an important building material in most fields: architecture, electro technology and construction technology.