Personal development: why and how you need to maintain your non-HR skills

In all the talk about the need to develop digital skills, some have forgotten about the other non-technical skills HR professionals need beyond their core capabilities.

As people professionals, we value the people-centric nature of our work. The campaign to ‘put the human back in HR’ is an age-old movement for good reason.

With the realisation that AI is no longer a Hollywood take on the future but an inevitability for the workplace – and indeed other areas of life – there’s a risk that we may forget the human side of HR alongside technology.

We should be mindful, however, not to neglect the forgotten yet crucial technical skills each HR professional needs in their toolkit.

We might be competent in delivering workshops, holding a disciplinary meeting or making sure employees get paid on time, but what other non-HR skills do we need to hang on to that supplement our expertise?

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