Montessori Training Institute in Chennai
Montessori Training Institute in Chennai
The most important for the child's development is concentration, which is taught by Montessori Education. Our training institute in Chennai is dedicated to producing future global educators. Our courses will not only equip the aspiring and experienced teachers with extraordinary teaching techniques and also show an in-depth understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the world.
Our course is mainly focused on the concepts of Montessori principles, such as the absorbent mind, the subconscious power, sensitive periods and the child tendencies, which guide the child in self-discipline and independence to learn on its own within a well structured environment. Our Institute will teach amazing and interesting learning apart from the traditional learning. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to provide valuable skills for the trainees.
An aspirant planning to be a Montessori teacher, A certificate plays a highly effective role. We are providing online courses at a convenient time also. The certificate of our institute is Approved by ISO and NDA. The certificate course which revolves around methodologies and teaching strategies developed by Dr Maria Montessori will be available at a reasonable course fee.
Our course is very much helpful for a Montessori curriculum developer, course coordinator, consultant associated with Montessori schools and even for those planning to open a Montessori school. 10+2 is the minimum entry requirement. So, the course is suitable for anyone connected with Montessori education.
Benefits of our Montessori Courses:
● Offered conveniently through correspondence.
● Well qualified trainers
● The most worthwhile Montessori teacher training courses in the world.
● Self explanatory Program resources.
● Spoken English and Personality development classes.
● Practical & Demo