Jungle Safari adventure at Dandeli

You’ve visited guests before, but it’s a totally different ballgame in the wild. You can’t inform them, but you’re always welcome there. You can’t take gifts for them, but they offer you the whole forest and its rich produce. You plan in advance, make all safety arrangements and look forward to meet the habitants in their natural abode. Trust me, the deep wild forest is as close you can get to the pristine nature as possible. The jungle safari is a boon for nature lovers to soak themselves in the aura of nature.

There are some distinguished wildlife safari adventure resort resorts in India which are popular because of their rich wild life sightings and safe facilities for guests. One such popular wildlife adventure resort in Karnataka is Whistling Woodzs, Dandeli known for its multiple attractions in water sports and wildlife adventure. The best wildlife resorts are those that offer excellent facilities for travel and accommodation, plan meticulously and execute every trip with utmost care and caution for the safety of the guests so as to enable them enjoy every moment to its fullest.