Future of chatbots in healthcare

What are chatbots and what are they doing in the healthcare sector?
Healthcare Chatbots are conversationalists that run on the rules of machine learning, which comes under AI. Along with carrying out interactions, they also perform repetitive tasks such as providing solutions, sending emails, marketing, lead generation, result analysis, and the list goes on… Now how chatbots help in the healthcare sector is automating all the repetitive, as well as lower-level tasks that a representative would do. When you divide work into two, where one takes care of the simple tasks, while the other looks after more complex queries, the work is done seamlessly.

Now you/your patients don’t need to hold in line for hours together before a representative invests time to look into your query, while a chatbot can do this instantly! Moreover, according to a study, millennials prefer texting over calling. So chatbots seem to fit all modern-day requirements perfectly!

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