Equiplus initiatives aim to use 100% recycled plastic material by 2030

From grocery bags, cold drink bottles, cell phones, computers to your ID cards, there is plastic every day all around us that can cause litter and pollution in our vulnerable ecosystem. Reducing ecosystems' ability to adapt to climate change, Plastic pollution can affect natural processes, directly affecting food production capabilities, people’s livelihoods and social well-being.

A plastic remains in the environment for hundreds of years when we throw it in the garbage. The corporates and brand owners have the opportunity to take the charge to use recycled plastic and the consumers can contribute to make a difference in the environment.

For this reason, manufacturing valuable products with recycled plastic becomes essential for responsible business owners across the world. At Equiplus, a leading manufacturer of sports, equestrian, pet accessories, the finished products are manufactured using 65% recycled plastic available in the form of polyester yarn.