Embracing Remote Design Tools – Savah App

As we are not in the office and all the communication happens online, and there are tools available that make the transition smooth and much more manageable, these tools can help share pitching ideas to clients or with a global team to get feedback. Collaborations are crucial to the success of any project and team. For example, the Savah platform can help design collaboration and help you organise your design projects in one place.
There are so many collaborations out there that can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing. Here are some of the tools that we use for our projects.
Besides using design tools, you can also use many project collaboration tools for messaging, storing and conferencing. Here are some of them:
Asana is a great tool to coordinate over daily goals, tasks, and projects. It lets you track all your jobs as well as share files and comments.
Slack keeps you connected with its features, such as messaging, file sharing, built-in reminders, and email.
Trello enables you to manage projects and organise them efficiently. This helps team members who are working on specific tasks and board items.
Google Drive is a great tool to store, access, and share your files with anyone from anywhere.

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