Company Formation | Company formation in Kuwait

Kuwait has a steady and strong financial system with a structured framework. Furthermore, companies in Kuwait have access to global banking and financial facilities and services. This makes many people initiate a company formation in Kuwait. If you are planning to start a company in Kuwait, then this is for you. In the State of Kuwait, starting a business without competent assistance is fairly difficult. The country's business and financial policy, regulatory requirements, employee welfare, and tax laws and rules must all be well researched. In order to save business establishment costs, many foreign companies opt to have an Agency Agreement with a domestic Kuwaiti company. It's worth noting that any money earned in Kuwait as a result of agencies is liable to corporate tax. ​Kuwaiti companies are governed by the Commercial Companies Law (CCL). The shareholder's liability is limited to the number of investments made in such enterprises by the shareholder. ​One of the most critical aspects while initiating company formation in Kuwait is that the foreigner has a Kuwaiti partner. At least 51 per cent of the company is owned by the Kuwaiti partner. International Direct Investment Law No. 8/2001 allows foreign corporations to register as Kuwaiti companies without having to associate with a Kuwaiti partner.
Company formation in Kuwait is not challenging but it’s not easy either. From applying for an application to notarizing the MOA before a public notary to registering with various regulatory authorities, there are many procedures to be followed.
That said, we at Kuwait Helpline group are ready to serve you. We take care of all the licensing policies right from registration while abiding by all the rules and regulations thus ensuring you have a seamless experience for company formation in Kuwait. Over the years, Kuwait Helpline Group has established itself as an organization that provides excellent assistance to those who are looking forward to company formation in Kuwait