Agile-minded HR leaders can drive cultural change

This is the most exciting and challenging time to be working in HR. At no time since its founding as a professional discipline has it been more essential for HR practitioners to rethink the way we operate. Nor have we ever been better situated to meaningfully contribute to the success of the core business.

The greatest impetus for change is a new way of working — agile. Agile practices were already well established in technology-driven departments like software development, but over the past few years we have seen agile concepts spread across all organizational functions — to the extent that even some very large organizations are now taking on full-scale “agile transformations” that completely reshape how the company works.

Transitioning from a few tech-focused teams working within an agile framework like Scrum to an entire organization adopting a whole new way of working has not been a smooth progression. This is because to adopt agile practices, there must be a full-scale organizational shift that entails fundamental design changes — from recruiting and training to, most importantly, organizational culture — all of which are in the direct province of HR leaders and teams. Many successful transformations have been made to date, and from them we have learned an assortment of strategic dos and don’ts.

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