Achieving hyper-personalization

According to The WealthTech Book, “hyper-personalization promises to deliver higher client satisfaction at lower cost.” The current age of the highly-empowered buyer is underwhelmed by current digital offerings.

This, coupled with the fact that mobile devices are creating a monopoly on how people receive information suggests that brands need to ensure that the information they transmit to leads, captures their attention.

Brands only have 8 seconds to touch a customer, make it count.

Unfortunately, what we’re seeing instead is an overload of information that tunes buyers out. In fact, user engagement with content has decreased by 60%, according to TrackMaven. But, if you have a message with offerings that align with your customers’ interests, you’ll definitely see a spike in conversions. This is why hyper-personalization is the need of the hours.

Data like name, title, organization, specific interests layered with real-time information like demography, location, can provide more insights that allow you to hyper-personalize your messages.

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